The Lost Art of Conversation.

horse talk

I personally find that nowadays it’s much more interesting and rewarding to talk to horses than to human beings.

I mean, horses don’t pretend are totally frank and everything that they say comes out of the horse’s mouth.

And as my friend blogger Sonata from Australia added after I posted it.
* They Listen to what you are saying
* They do not criticise
* And when you say ‘You see what i mean’
they sort of nod their head as if saying Yes
i could not agree more, they can give back more than
any other mere human being can do…

You can’t have a better interaction.


Stress Management


Stress is an intrinsic feature of out times.

Meeting deadlines, looking after children, worrying about bills, about one’s job, or if unemployed trying to find one,  be preoccupied about one’s health or the future, having to rush all day long from A to B and so on, there are so many pressurizing things in modern life that can cause stress.

Just over fifty years ago people were told that technology would eliminate stress because machines, such as robots, would cater for all their needs so that they could dedicate their time in enjoying themselves.

Instead, alas, all the gadgetry so far invented for that purpose seem only to have increased the amount of stress and made human interaction totally impersonal.

I mean, have you ever tried to contact a firm about something important only to be answered by an automatically registered voice that keeps sending you from one automatic service to another while blasting cacophonous music in your ears as you wait for a period of time that seems interminable?  I bet that you must have and will agree that it can be a rather frustrating and stressful experience.

Some psychologists say that a bit of stress is good because it stimulates the brain in trying to make changes in order to get rid of stress. I personally am not convinced about it because I don’t like to have even an atom of stress weighing on me. While on the other hand it’s recognized by all that too much stress can make one ill, depressed, helpless and even kill.

All this said, what is or are the things or situations that stress you most?

And when you are under stress what do you normally do to get rid of it and get back to normal?

Please give some clues to help humanity to be less stressed.