Useful Tips on Shopping for Nuts!



Hello my friends!

Do you love nuts?

Well if you do, the good news are that I accidentally found out that there are plenty of them on this website above here pictured.

No kidding. It has all sorts of nuts to satisfy all tastes and moreover… totally free of charge!

Actually you’ll find lots of nuts too in other social media sites. All very nutty and free too!!! WOW! What a discovery!

So please don’t waste your precious money in buying them in shops.

Get them totally free and as many as you want from the places above mentioned.

I mean, who said that there is no such a thing as a free lunch obviously didn’t know where to get free nuts….






How to have a perfect eyesight


I need your advice about this dilemma


Today I read in the media that the Journal of Biological Chemistry says that eating cakes can help you to see more clearly. “Cake,” stated the article,  “could be the key to better vision.

Scientists found that bicarbonate of soda used in cakes stimulates and enzyme that helps to regulate the light absorbed by photons in the eye.” It’s a fabulous piece of news for cake addicts and people with poor vision. I am not a great eater of cakes but I wear reading glasses and I could do very well in getting rid of them.

The problem is that if I start to gorge myself with cakes in order to have an eagle’s eyesight I will get very fat and with fatness and obesity I may acquire some unpleasant conditions associated with overweight and obesity such as heart disease, diabetes, high pressure, gallbladder, osteoarthritis, liver problems and so on.

It’s a difficult choice to make.

I mean, to have a perfect eyesight like the one that I had when I was younger is an appealing prospect and cakes are yummy to eat, but the side affects of a cake diet in order to get it leaves me perplexed

What do you suggest that I do?