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“All that I know is that I know nothing.” Socrates (Ancient Greek philosopher)


 Wjpghen people used to ask me what I do in life I was always stuck for an answer.

Unfortunately midway during my explanation they would fall asleep so that in the end when they woke up they would know only half of the story or much less than that.

The always in a hurry white rabbit of Wonderland

The always in a hurry white rabbit of Wonderland

The problem is that nowadays people have no patience whatsoever.

I live in Londinium, an ancient Roman city that nowadays is the capital of Britain with the name of London. I came to it from Italy in my early twenties working in the hospitality industry to earn a living and in order to learn English and somehow sometimes happily others reluctantly I stayed in it ever since . I confess that to this day I can never make my mind whether I like this city or not,

It’s a huge metropolis with a lot of good things but whose main problem in my view is that the maximum amount of words that most people say to each other when they meet are four which are: “Hello, how are you?” end of the conversation and off they go making you wander why they bothered to say it. Somehow they remind me of the White Rabbit of Wonderland who because he was always in a hurry never had time to talk to anybody.

Therefore when people asked me what I did in life given their restricted verbal interaction and hurry the problem was that as I do so many activities it would take me some time explaining it to them quickly enough for them not to start to slumber. In the end I got so fed up with their tendency to fall asleep and my inability to stretch their pitiable attention span that I found a shortcut to make them understand it before they started to nod off.

Leonardo Da Vinci, 1452- 1519 - Italian Renaissance artist and scientist - a person with many interests

Leonardo Da Vinci, 1452- 1519 – Italian Renaissance artist and scientist – a person with many interests

“Have you ever heard of a chap called Leonardo Da Vinci?” I would ask them. “Of course!” they would reply to show me their solid historical knowledge,” he was a famous Italian painter, inventor of many things and blah, blah blah…”

“Well,” I would reply puffing my chest up and lifting up my eyebrows and nose a bit, “I’m more or less like him.”

“O really?” they would reply, “Do you mean that you draw helicopters and parachutes too?”

“Not helicopters or parachutes”, I would reply, “doodles of spaceships sometimes since we are now in the age of space exploration, but I do several other things that he did. Besides, I’m from the same part of Italy, from Florence actually, and possibly he may have been one of my ancestors.”

In that way they understood immediately and their interest in me grew significantly more.

“All sorrows are best with bread” —– Miguel de Cervantes——snal isolata




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