How are you doing?


If an orange can do it why can’t you?

How are your New Year resolutions for 2016 going?

Are you carrying them out and getting good results from them?

Or what?




6 thoughts on “How are you doing?

      • After my Dad passed away last year in August, I did not feel writing anything. Maybe just a few. But there was nothing. Got busy with a lot of things. But now I try to be visible once in a while. Maybe this time, there will be some words to write. I see you haven’t posted in a while too. Well, here we are! Nice to see you as well!

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      • Sorry to hear about your father. What can you do? It’s life. One day we are here and the next we may not be. This is why we must try to treasure ans enjoy each moment and do the best that we can to leave a good world for the next generations. Yes I don’t post anything in this blog lately because I did it to boost my main website where I don’t have a reader posting option because it’s a hosted wordpress site. I may start posting on my other wordpress blog that is titled or but in a way they will be different posts. Moreover lately I’m finishing some news books and in advertising my literary works and activities in the media. It costs a bit but it’s giving great results. The problem is that nowadays unless one is not in the media one will always be unknown and ignored so I decided to change all that. Anyway even if I don’t come so often on this blog I do in the other that has you as a follower as well. IT’s great to have you here and there and must say that I missed you very much.

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      • I am very happy to hear from you! Yes, I see your other blog page Mneme9. Will be in touch! And THANK YOU for all the kind words!!! Good luck on your endeavors! I wish you all the best!

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