Cooking Cruelty


How can people chop and eat carrots after witnessing touching scenes like this?

They must have hearts of stone…


12 thoughts on “Cooking Cruelty

  1. I would never ever ever… i swear! 🙂
    I d put them in a pot and let them grow.
    For several weeks now my man and I
    have been nursing 3 capsicum seeds
    that sprung up from under a tile cutting board
    and one is growing its fourth leaf believe it or not.
    The problem is we have to be constantly careful
    when preparing our meals so we dont crash them
    and consequently with their little roots growing under
    the board we cannot wash the peripheral area properly
    other than sponge it gently. I wonder if one day
    we will have our own crop and dont have to buy any, LOL!

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      • LOL!…maybe thats why there aren’t enough capsicums around! 🙂
        By the way…2 new ones sprung up during the weekend, soon we will have full production.
        Thanks for your kind words, we are just ordinary people, strong when it comes to enduring misfortunes but tender hearted toward other creatures
        no matter what their nature.
        Enjoy a Great day and keep the funnies coming! 🙂

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      • Lol! it is indeed but what do they know!
        We cut the bottom off disposable plastic drinking cups
        and placed then up side over them for better protection
        in case there is an accident and they are doing fine.
        Two of them now have 4 leaves growing and we are wondering
        when is it it will register with their brains that there is no soil.
        At the present i ve been giving them spoonfuls of water
        from the fruit drink i have for breakfast so they get some
        nutrients and they seem to be happy and thriving.

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