How to save the world.


First things first.

This to me seems the first positive step that we all should focus on if we seriously want  to improve the state of the world.


7 thoughts on “How to save the world.

  1. I try not to judge people but sometimes you have to wonder. I think people like you are thinking of get famous, like Donald Trump, because it’s just a hoot to watch what they do and what they say. Like a reality show or something.

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  2. Yes but the stupid people have ambition and have talent to succeed to be at the first rank . Talented people often make their job and do not make politic .. I believe the chamber of deputies is not the image of the real population.
    In friendship


    • They have ambition as many others have. In many cases greed or narcissism can be substituted for ambition. As for many of them having talent is questionable. Success and fame nowadays are often the result of favourable circumstances, luck, being in the right place at the right time, having the right connections, being born in a wealthy family and so on. As they say it doesn’t matter what one knows but who one knows. Above success and fame are dictated by the media that in its turn is dominated and controlled by business. It’s the media who decides who is going to be famous and nobody else. We don’t live in a meritocratic world but one dominated and totally controlled by money. As for talent there are many ordinary people that are talented only that they haven’t got the right connections. I’m somebody who teach people how to be talented even geniuses if they want to. That is one my jobs and I happen to know very well the world of famous people. There is nothing special about talent or genius it’s just a way of seeing and perceiving differently. Besides, it depends about what sort of talent one is talking about. For instance a multimillionaire Mexican drug baron or the head of ISIS may be seen as having talent and having succeeded in what they do but their talent is of no use to anybody, in fact only destructive. Talent and genius are only useful when they are beneficial to others or the world.
      In friendship.


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