Fruity selfishness


Bananas have never struck me of being altruistic.

Whenever I buy a bunch of bananas and I try to eat one straight away it starts to accuse the others of all sins under the sun in order to save its skin, or rather its pulp.

“Don’t eat me please! “It cries, “I’m the well behaved one of this bunch, all the others are baddies. Eat them instead. They deserve to be eaten,.”

Its not only bananas that behave in such a selfish way. Cherries and figs for instance have the same trait but with a higher degree of selfishness.

And so do blueberries, plums and persimmons. The sweeter they are the worse they are.

In the end I get so fed up with their total disregard for their own kin that when I buy them I end up by eating them all.

Have you, dear bloggers,  by any chance noticed the same egotistic behaviour with some fruits? And if so which one are they?


8 thoughts on “Fruity selfishness

  1. What a funny post .! I like this kind of problematic 🙂 . I cannot answer to your question but I know someone on WordPress who is specialized in the …melons !! 🙂 I
    By the way in a fruit are the seeds . Have you ever broken one tooth in eating a banana? 🙂
    In friendship

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  2. Funny things the mind can project on inanimate items
    especially on fruit! I have a similar problem with Bananas
    or shall i say …with my brain!… when i see 2 bananas together
    i see them as a couple i should never separate
    because if i take one away the other one will be
    lonely and unhappy… so i either pick a single
    or … i eat them Both! – and they don’t seem to mind 🙂
    I suggest you get ‘your fruits’ to see it as they were picked
    because they are the Best! That will give both them
    and yourself the pleasure that can be derived.

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  3. ~Haha I had a friend who bought really baby bananas although they costed the same as large ones, simply cause the small ones were `cuter`. I kinda just gobble down my fruits so I don`t realize it tho. Have you watched the annoying orange? x)

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