The True Story of…

IMG_20150425_184248The Big Bad wolf wasn’t a big bad wolf after all.

He was just a cute and gentle wolf pup that helped Little Red Riding Hood who got lost in the woods to find her way to her granny’s cottage.

Once they arrived at the cottage he licked her sick Granny’s feet and nose to make her feel better.

Then had a lovely lunch with them of chicken and rice, plus a wild gooseberry pudding for dessert that Red Riding Hood’s granny cooked.

He stayed there for a while listening to wonderful stories of little good wolves that granny told them and then departed waving his paws while yelping: ‘Bye-bye to both of you my dears and I sincerely hope that you get well soon granny!’

This is the real story of Little Red Riding Hood that I got from a wolf, believe it or not.

Now that we know the truth I wonder why grown ups keep telling tall nasty stories to children of wolves being Big and Bad?

Any clues?


10 thoughts on “The True Story of…

  1. I m glad you restored the reputation of the wolves.
    I Love wolves. They are beautiful and intelligent
    and their domesticated mates very loyal.
    The only nasty one was the one who created the story
    but again let us not forget that many of theses stories
    sound ugly because they carry symbols of Human behaviour.

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      • I do not believe you!!! I am looking forward to them Piero! Good luck and enjoy doing what you’re doing : ) Yes so many duties duties calling me. Good luck to us! I missed your comments for a while. I know now you are very busy. Thank you for shedding wisdom to this woman. God bless!

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